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Standing Out by Showing Up

Thanks to Lif for the great photo! 2013 was a pretty exceptional year for me, particularly as it concerns my writing.  It was also a year where I learned a number of very interesting lessons. Two accomplishments last year will help illustrate … Continue reading

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Using the ‘Fundamental Five’ to Organize Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again…as the clock winds down on 2013, countless Americans are busy outlining the goals and resolutions that they plan to tackle in the New Year, just as soon as the ball drops in Times Square … Continue reading

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Change Your Words…Change Your Actions

When I came across the quote below a few months back, from Laura Vanderkam – author of 168 Hours, it really resonated with me…actually, better descriptions are probably that it “hit me right between the eyes” or that it “shook … Continue reading

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A Holiday Giving Experiment

Downtown Crossing Every morning on my way to work, I walk through Downtown Crossing toward South Station, and every morning, I encounter a significant number of homeless men and women who have spent the night outside.  It’s heartbreaking. As the … Continue reading

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Living Your Vows – In Loving Memory of Emmott Lennon

‘Grandpa Mutt’ Emmott Lennon, my grandfather (affectionately called ‘Grandpa Mutt’), passed away on September 29th. He was a good man, and as one small way to preserve his memory, I wanted to document and share the words that I offered … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness – Laundromats & Empanadas Edition

The Laundromat Every Sunday, as part of our weekly routine of chores, Erica (my fiancée) and I go to the same corner laundromat in our neighborhood. There are washing machines in our building (which we use), and dryers as well, … Continue reading

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There’s No Recipe for Success (or is there?) – Life Lessons from Holiday Pie Making with Mim

In addition to my love of writing, I love to cook. Most of the time, I focus on the savory…and leave baking to the professionals like my mother (whose cookies/brownies are second to none).  However, on certain occasions (like Christmas), … Continue reading

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