Standing Out by Showing Up

Stand out

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2013 was a pretty exceptional year for me, particularly as it concerns my writing.  It was also a year where I learned a number of very interesting lessons.

Two accomplishments last year will help illustrate what I’ve learned…

Audiology Today – The Value of Professional Credentials

  • In September, excited by the recent interest in my writing, I submitted an article to Strategic Finance, the monthly magazine of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a professional association of which I’m a member.  My article, Signaling Credibility, ran in the November edition.

Strategic Finance – Signaling Credibility

And here’s what I learned…

Extra Ordinary Actions Lead to Extraordinary Outcomes

  • Being published this year wasn’t the product of me being a phenomenal writer.  While I perhaps have better-than-average writing skills, I’m by no means an expert and there are undoubtedly countless writers (actual writers) out there that are far more talented than I am, with much more interesting things to say.
  • Fortunately, what I’ve learned is that, being successful is rarely about being the best…it’s really most often about showing up (at least 80% of it – thanks Woody Allen).  Being successful is often about the boring, extra ordinary actions that we take, consistently, that can lead to extraordinary results.
  • For me, the extra ordinary actions of posting to my blog every so often and taking the time to simply email the editors of Strategic Finance lead to the extraordinary outcome of my content being published.  The same simple action, an email, resulted in an article of mine being published on a very popular personal finance blog back in 2011.

You Know More than You Think (So Share What You Know)

  • I like to think that, on occasion, I have a unique insight (or two) to share.  However, every time I’m about to click the ‘Publish’ button in WordPress, I always pause, with a few pangs of doubt, and ask myself, ‘What do I know?’ ‘Why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say?’
  • Then I remember that, nearly every day, for many years now, I’ve been seeking out blogs in order to learn about all kinds of topics.  I’m sure those bloggers felt the same way when they were about to click ‘Publish.’  I’ve received all kinds of value from the reading that I’ve done online over the years, and from the comments I’ve been fortunate enough to receive on this site, I’m glad to know that readers from across the globe, even if it’s only a few dozen people, have found value in what I’ve written.
  • What I need to remember is that, at any given moment, there is someone out there who is just like I was a few years back, with the same interests, the same questions and the same desire to learn.  I’ve learned a lot over the past few years, learnings that I take for granted which might be entirely new to someone else.
  • Here’s the lesson as I see it.  Don’t underestimate yourself.  You have something unique and valuable to offer the world and you shouldn’t hesitate to share it!

So go ahead, make 2014 an extraordinary year…and don’t feel daunted, just focus on the extra ordinary things that you can do each and every day to reach your goals.


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4 Responses to Standing Out by Showing Up

  1. Macy, Louisa M. says:

    Two posts already in 2014–yes!! Keep ‘EM coming!

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