Welcome Get Rich Slowly Readers!

For those of you visiting today after reading my guest post over at Get Rich Slowly (How to Find Budgeting Nirvana with Mint.com), welcome!  I hope that you enjoyed the post and find it to be a helpful resource as well.

Before sharing a few thoughts, wanted to first thank J.D. Roth for the opportunity to share my writing on his enormously popular blog, a blog that I’ve followed for several years.

J.D.’s request for new guest posts/reader stories came at the perfect time for me, in mid-December, just as I was reflecting on 2010 and looking forward to 2011 (Note: this is the third key blog post I mentioned in my first post).

When planning for 2011, I decided that a primary goal was to start sharing my writing online…with my first milestone to be a reader story submission for Get Rich Slowly.  After submitting a draft in late December, it was only a few days later that I heard back from J.D. with the news that he’d be running my story on February 6th!

His quick response was welcomed for several reasons…

1)  I had accomplished my first writing milestone for 2011, far sooner than expected.

2)  It provided me with the momentum and encouragement needed to start a blog and to continue focusing on my writing in 2011.  After all, I couldn’t squander this tremendous opportunity by having his many followers sent to an empty blog…or even worse…to not have a site for them to visit at all!

With that said, you’ll quickly notice that I’m just getting started here at geoffreylennon.wordpress.com and that (currently) the blog is rather light on content.

Though that’s certainly the case today, I look forward to changing that in the weeks and months to come by regularly posting what I hope will be interesting/entertaining content.

Many thanks for reading!  I’d very much welcome your comments/feedback below.

Please feel free to subscribe to my future posts via RSS or email, using the links at right.

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8 Responses to Welcome Get Rich Slowly Readers!

  1. exconsumer says:

    Hi Geoff! I just came from your post at GRS. Good for you for getting a blog together and sticking to your writing goals. I recently started my blog with the same intention as you — to commit to regular writing in 2011.

    You did a great job on the Mint.com article. Keep up the great writing!

    • Hi Jenny:

      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

      I just stopped by your blog, looks great…best of luck in your effort to keep up the good work with your writing in 2011.



  2. Suzanne says:

    Way to go on getting started…much better than being in the “thinking about” phase! Kudos to you for getting the accomplishment done so early in the year too. I popped on over here because I enjoyed your writing style and tone in the Reader Story. I’ll subscribe to see what comes down the line. 🙂

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Glad you enjoyed my Reader Story over at GRS, appreciate the feedback.

      Thank you very much for the kind words, for taking the time to visit my site and for subscribing to future posts.

      I have some interesting (well…I think so at least!) ideas for upcoming posts, so I’m excited to get pen to paper, to keep up the momentum and to share more posts with you all in the coming weeks and months!



  3. Rob says:

    Hey Geoff, good on you for starting up a WordPress site quickly with your guest post. Just a heads up…you linked your website using “wordpad” … not “wordpress” in your post… easy mistake. I just spent my weekly hour cleaning up my Mint.com and looking at my budgets…considering the Middle Way as right now I just try to hit a specific savings number each month…I’m going to start looking at what % of my total income goes into savings/investments. Anyway, good stuff, I do tech services/training for online entrepreneurs…drop me a line anytime.

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks much for the heads-up on the edit in my post…easy to tell that I’m new at this…can’t even remember my own link!

      Updated the post so that it has the correct link now…

      Please let me know if you have any questions along the way as you consider implementing the ‘Middle Way’ with Mint.com…I’ve found it to be very helpful!

      Focusing on hitting the savings target is where I started too…but eventually wanted to get a bit smarter on where the remaining dollars were going, without getting into the details on what specific category to use, etc.

      Let me know how it turns out!

      Thanks for reaching out, I’ll be sure to drop you a line sometime should I develop any tech questions…which I’m sure I will (e.g., moving to wordpress.org/Adsense, etc. if that’s where I decide to take the blog).

      Certainly a lot to learn!

  4. orozcoadrian says:

    isn’t there a way to simply ‘tag’ each transaction as ‘need’, ‘want’, etc? so that you can keep its category (‘groceries’, ‘entertainment’, etc). seems like with your method you lose the category information. (not sure but i think you can create custom tags). great article!

    • Hi Orozcoadrian,

      Thanks for your comment!

      You’re absolutely right, you can definitely keep the category and apply a tag to the transaction in order to preserve the category (entertainment, etc.). I did this for a while, but decided I wanted an even ‘lighter’ budgeting approach, so now I focus on just applying the high-level categories to my transactions…this might not work for everyone, depending on what they’re looking to achieve with their budgets.

      As you mention, applying tags to transactions accomplishes the same thing and you can still prepare the graphs, etc.

      Thanks again for your comment. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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